It brought you here.


No cost for families

While other services may not charge families, they charge the providers so much that the providers have to increase their rates, ultimately, costing families more

The lowest cost for providers

Luvdid was founded by care providers so we know what it’s like. Instead of charging 120% of the first month’s rent like other services do, Luvdid offers the lowest referral fee in the nation, undercutting the competition by as much as 75%

Immediate access to listings

We know what a stressful ordeal it is to find good care, so we’ve removed all the roadblocks! Simply type in a city or zip code and you’re on your way

Contact providers directly

There’s no need for a middle—man! Once you’ve registered your email with us, you can add providers to your Luvlist and keep track of who you’ve contacted and who you like best


Luvdid has thoroughly scanned the country looking for the best care out there! Use our enhanced filtering options to narrow down your search to fit your particular need.